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Welcome Message

Welcome to CCS! I am proud to work and serve in the East Valley School District--a district comprised of great schools and programs. If your family is returning to our school in the Hybrid option this year, we look forward to seeing your child during their two days in-person and engaging them during their three days at home. If your family is joining the Distance Learning, Parent Partnership or EVOnline options, know that you are in good hands. The East Valley team cares deeply about your family and your children and has worked hard to create options to continue your child's education while being sensitive to your family's level of caution during these times.
Together, we will have a great school year.
Steve Pointer, Principal






October 27th and 30th

Halloween/Harvest Costume or CCS Spirit Day

Dress in your favorite Halloween/harvest time costume or wear your CCS colors. ***


November 17th and 20th

Lookalike Cohort Day

Students, as an entire cohort, come dressed alike. 


December 15th and 18th

Pajama Day 

Wear your favorite PJ’s to school.


January 26th and 29th

‘80s Day

Neon clothes and big hair will make for a brightly colored spirit day.


February 23rd and 26th

Dress Like a Teacher or the Principal Day

Come dressed as your favorite teacher or as the principal.   Take down some notes on what you see them wearing!


March 23rd and 26th

Movie Day

Come in dressed as your favorite movie character!


April 27th and 30th

Career Day

Dress like who you want to be when you grow up — or as a certain profession.


May 25th and 27th

Crazy Hat Day 

Students wear their favorite hat to school — the weirder and wackier, the better.


June 8th and 11th

Celebration Day

Wear something to signify that we made it through the 2020-2021 school year. We did it!! We survived!!!

*** Costume Rules: No masks or weapons; nothing gross, scary or promotes violence

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Friendly Competition for CCS


Most Interesting Thing You Can Do


Most Impressive Artwork or Creation


Helping Others


Funniest Comedy Routine or Sketch




Rubberband Contest


Musical Performance


Short Film


Science Experiment


Dear Students and Parents,

To help CCS students share their unique talents and abilities, and to just have some plain, old-fashioned fun, we are starting some “friendly competitions.” From kindergarten through 8th grade, there will be a competition every month. Think of it more as a talent show for skills that students don’t always get to demonstrate. This is an optional activity, of course, that students will do at home. 

Here are the details and rules for October’s competition, “What’s the Most Interesting Thing You Can Do?”

The rules are simple:

  1. Think of the most interesting thing you can do. PROPS are now allowed. For example, some students have requested to show a card trick or something they can do on their horse. These are fantastic ideas!
  2. Create a video that is under 1 minute long demonstrating the “most interesting thing you can do.” Make sure the video is easy to see to the viewer (avoid long distant shots, if possible).
  3. The person being filmed must act in accordance to our “On F.I.R.E” characteristics. If you forgot what those are, they are: * Focus   * Integrity   * Respect   * Empathy
  4. Submit the video to Mr. Helt at
  1. Be sure to label it “Most interesting thing I can do.”
  2. Tell Mr. Helt your name and what grade you are in.
  3. Please submit only one video per person.

There will be a winner in each of the following categories: Primary (K-3), Intermediate (4-5), and Middle School (6-8). 

Winners will be chosen for creativity, uniqueness, and overall fun.

So, what’s the prize?

  1. Your video will be shown throughout the school.
  2. Which means that you are a part of helping making CCS a fun and exciting place to be.
  3. And, finally, you will forever hold (wait for it) . . . “The Golden Dragon!” A prize worthy of showing all your friends!

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Helt at Thanks!


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